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The Grainger Brothers

Greg Grainger

  • Whitney Houston

  • Acoustic Alchemy

  • Kim Waters

  • Peaches & Herb

  • Lonnie Liston Smith

  • Endorsed by Pearl Drums, Sabian and Evans, Vater Drum Sticks, Beyerdynamic

Gary Grainger

  • Pockets

  • Earth Wind & Fire

  • Santana

  • John Scofield

  • Robben Ford

  • Bill Evans

  • Acoustic Alchemy

  • G-Funk

  • The PRS Eightlock Project 

  • Endorsed by Paul Reed Smith Guitars, D'Addario Bass Strings, and EICH Amps


About Grainger

There’s a certain musical chemistry that develops between great musicians who play together all the time. The Graingers have been playing together all their lives, and the chemistry they have developed is simply astounding.


This is why the Grainger brothers have become one of the most sought after and respected rhythm sections in the world. Growing up in a musical family in Baltimore, MD they have been collaborating and playing together for over four decades, as well as lending their musical talents to numerous world class musicians (Whitney Houston, Santana, Earth Wind & Fire, Acoustic Alchemy, John Scofield, Kim Waters to name just a few) and building a reputation as the best of the best among both fans and fellow musicians.

Their live shows are spectacular, appealing to both audiences who just want to dance the night away and those who appreciate the incredible musicality of the groups they play in.

As well as lending their talents to other people's projects as session musicians, they have also released two highly acclaimed albums, Phase I and Phase II, featuring their signature sound of tight grooves, funky licks and catchy melodies. Following the release of Phase I and Phase II, Grainger has just released Phase III on GBM Records to critical acclaim. The album features guest appearances by Kim Waters and Grammy nominated Jazz pianist Jim Beard, as well as the radio hits "You Never" and "Watch Me Now".

For more information or to request a booking please email:

For fans of Grainger, check out our musical alter ego "Pockets" here!

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